NYC Pro-Muslim Rally Marching On Sept. 11th, 2010

Some cool muslim images: NYC Pro-Muslim Rally Marching On Sept. 11th, 2010 Image by Viktor Nagornyy September 11th, 2010 marked 9th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. Events included 9th Commemoration ceremony and the Emergency Mobilization Against Racism and Anti-Muslim Bigotry rally. On September 11th, 2010... read more

Festivals Of India – Part 6

Festivals Of India by Modern_Language_Center Festivals Of India – Part 6 This article is a continuation in the series of festivals of India. The remaining important festivals celebrated in India are discussed below: Pongal – Pongal is the festival celebrated by Tamils... read more

Khilafat Forum: Ramadan Ki Tiyaari (2011-07-29)

Program No. 24 Special Guest: Hafiz Akif Saeed Khilafat Forum A talk Show about Current Affairs in Islamic... read more

Fasting or Ramadan

Fasting or Ramadan (Touch heart via Al koran special of nuance Ramadan) Before we carry out our advisable fasting tries to be more know again meaning from hold back, save so that not in vain it fasting whom we do. Every year people of Islam always commemorate and carry out fasting ramadan, conceive how the funny when every finished to carry out fasting doesn’t leave a trace at heart and... read more

Send Eid gift and Ramadan gift to Pakistan

Send Eid Gift Send Eid gift and Ramadan gift to Pakistan Eid is Arabic word which means celebration and happiness. Pakistan is a largest Muslim country and Muslim God (Allah) has blessed with two one-year EIDS Islam. The 1st is Eid-ul-Fitar. It... read more

Muslim Women

A few nice muslim images I found: Muslim Women Image by Rennett Stowe Three Muslim women talk and walk down a columned corridor. read more

“i love RAMADAN”

A few nice ramadan images I found: “i love RAMADAN” Image by On Being (image by aamran) Mezquita Azul en Ramadan Image by Carmen Alonso Suarez Celebrando el Ramadan en la Mezquita Azul. Todas las mezquitas se decoran con estas frases... read more

ICNYU Summer Workshop: Getting Ready for Ramadan Session #1 – Intentions

The month of Ramadan is only weeks away inshallah and the IC wants to help you be ready for it. Starting on June 15th, join us each Wednesday night as Imam Khalid Latif presents a different topic each through lecture and interactive exercises tailored to make sure you get the most out of your Ramadan inshallah. Topics will include, but not be limited to,: -Intention: definement, alignment and taking... read more

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  • Khiva: Islam Khoja Minaret and Madrassah.

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  • Ramadan is a festival for every body, as the Dutch poster says

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  • Ramadan Iftar at Madaba City. 2011

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  • The exhibition was produced by a UK based organization to promote muslim heritage. It was placed in a tent in front of Hagia Sophia, probably as part of Ramadan celebrations as well as at the occassion of Istanbul European City of Culture 2010 programme. It is well done, informative and worth visiting, although a tiny bit less overstatement would suit it more.

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  • Kramat (burial shrine) of Muslim missionary Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghaibie Shah, and is probably the oldest in Cape Town

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  • Done using Corel Painter and Corel PSP

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  • Catholic churches and muslim mosques go hand in hand in Mostar

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  • Ramadan Iftar at Madaba City

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