RAMADAN – What Difference Can You Make This Ramadan

RAMADAN – What Difference Can You Make This Ramadan Have you ever felt that you have missed the important aspects in last Ramadan and the years previous years to that where you were not aware of certain things and have you ever realized that what this Holy Month has to offer in its true sense and what are the aspects that requires attention to make the most out in this Blessed upcoming Month, Ramadan... read more

Ramadan Mindset – Sh Gyasi Mckenzie

Ramadan Sh Gyasi Mckenzie talks about the 4 kinds of muslims that are there and one of them is looking to benefit from the Ramadan , are you... read more

Ramadan Clothing – The Latest Trends

Ramadan Clothing Ramadan Clothing – The Latest Trends If you have always thought that Islamic clothing meant plain and simple colors with no variations and vibrancy in designs at all, think again. This EID, things... read more

Witr in Dubai (Ramadan 2011) Led by Sheikh Abubakr Alshatry

Witr In Dubai Witr in Dubai salah (Ramadan 2011) led by Sheikh Abubakr Alshatry. Recorded on the 12th of August 2011 at Alfarooq Omar bin Alkhattab Mosque in Dubai, UAE . Amazing recitation mashallah! :’) Video Rating: 5 / 5   Witr In... read more

What Is The Best Diet For Ramadan? – Personal Trainer Explains

What Is The Best Diet For Ramadan? – Personal Trainer Explains As a Singapore Personal Trainer and fitness bootcamp owner, one of the issues we have to help clients with in our multi-racial country of Singapore is the fasting month of ramadan. There are personal training and fitness bootcamp members at the Genesis Performance Center who are going into the fasting month soon this year. And recently... read more

Ramadan – Fasting

Ramadan – Fasting Asalaam Alaikum brothers and sisters. Ramadan is the time of the year when we as Muslims must obey one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting. Fasting is an important step all Muslims must take. What time does fasting begin and what time does fasting ends depends on the rising of the sun and setting of the sun. Visit for your Ramadan time table. You can... read more

Awesome Ramadan photographs

Check out out these ramadan photos: Pleased Ramadan Image by Ranoush. Ramadan kareem,delighted Ramadan,رمضان مبارك Look at On Black &quotThe month of Ramadan in which was unveiled the Quran, a advice for mankind and obvious proofs for the assistance and the criterion (between right and improper). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the 1st night of) the month (of Ramadan), he need... read more

What Quraish has done to the Muslims?

Quraish by Bakar_88 What Quraish has done to the Muslims? The Graduates of Muhammad School, (1) Jaafar   Jaafar was Muhammad’s cousin Jaafar was the son of Abu Talib (the uncle of the prophet Muhammad). Abu Talib was a poor man and... read more

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  • Khiva: Islam Khoja Minaret and Madrassah.

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  • Ramadan is a festival for every body, as the Dutch poster says

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  • Ramadan Iftar at Madaba City. 2011

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  • The exhibition was produced by a UK based organization to promote muslim heritage. It was placed in a tent in front of Hagia Sophia, probably as part of Ramadan celebrations as well as at the occassion of Istanbul European City of Culture 2010 programme. It is well done, informative and worth visiting, although a tiny bit less overstatement would suit it more.

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  • Kramat (burial shrine) of Muslim missionary Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghaibie Shah, and is probably the oldest in Cape Town

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  • Done using Corel Painter and Corel PSP

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  • Catholic churches and muslim mosques go hand in hand in Mostar

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  • Ramadan Iftar at Madaba City

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