Nice Aid El Kebir photos

A few nice aid el kebir images I found: Image by Ricardo Barquín Molero Fez el Bali, durante el Aid el Kebir de 2008 (1418 aprox.). Смена-8М + 35 mm / 125 ASA / BN Image by Ricardo Barquín Molero Fez el Bali, durante el Aid el Kebir de 2008. Смена-8М + 35 mm / 125 ASA /... read more

Ramadan: A time for Reflection

Ramadan: A time for Reflection Each and every person loves presents no matter what the event. But it becomes a bit tough when it comes to choose on a best present for your family members. So ahead of festival reach, you need to have to plan out properly. Even although we remain out of country but on the other hand these festivals and gifting presents us an option to stay shut to our family and social... read more

Muslim Worker and Ramadan

Muslim Worker and Ramadan Companies are started employing more and more young Muslim men and women. With this increase comes a greater need for HR practitioners to be aware of the respective cultural sensitivities. Fasting takes places during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan does not correspond neatly to any Gregorian months due to its method of calculation. It changes from year to year by about ten days. The... read more

Exercise and Nutrition during Ramadan (Muslim fasting Month)

Exercise and Nutrition during Ramadan (Muslim fasting Month) Just like there are specific times for passengers of a vessel or aircraft to board (embark), the choice of the timing of your training is just as essential. The ideal time to train would be after the two “break fast” meals ie. Before dawn or after sunset. This, of course, is dependent on your schedule and work commitments.   For... read more

The Five Itemed Agenda For Establishing Islam

by pocketcultures The Five Itemed Agenda For Establishing Islam THE FIVE ITEMED AGENDA FOR ESTABLISHING ISLAM Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni The Course of Action Starting from Adam (as) till the last Messenger of everyone that has sent for... read more

Feasting at Eid

Feasting by Omar_MK Feasting at Eid Ramadan begins after the month of Shaban, after the new moon has been sighted. In case new moon is not sighted then after 30 days of... read more

Visit Tomb Of Hafez In Shiraz During Your Travel To Iran

by helga tawil souri Browse through Burial place Of Hafez In Shiraz Throughout Your Travel To Iran Burial place of Hafez has actually been installed Shiraz and is committed to the Persian poet Hafez. There is additionally a memorial venue called the Hafezieh which additionally has an open pavilion structure like the mausoleum. Situated in the Musalla gardens, it has a seasonal waterway flowing next to... read more

Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan in Dubai Needless to say, Islam is the main religion in Dubai, although the practice of other religions is permitted. Important dates in the Islamic calendar are the Prophet’s ascension (Al Isr’a Wal Mairaj) and the Prophet’s birthday (Maulid Al-Nabi), the start of Ramadan and the two ‘festival’ (eid) holidays, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, which are observed as holidays in all the Gulf... read more

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  • Khiva: Islam Khoja Minaret and Madrassah.

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  • islam

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  • Ramadan is a festival for every body, as the Dutch poster says

    Pinned: 8 Aug 2012

    Pinned: 8 Aug 2012
  • Ramadan Iftar at Madaba City. 2011

    Pinned: 8 Aug 2012
  • The exhibition was produced by a UK based organization to promote muslim heritage. It was placed in a tent in front of Hagia Sophia, probably as part of Ramadan celebrations as well as at the occassion of Istanbul European City of Culture 2010 programme. It is well done, informative and worth visiting, although a tiny bit less overstatement would suit it more.

    Pinned: 8 Aug 2012
  • Kramat (burial shrine) of Muslim missionary Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghaibie Shah, and is probably the oldest in Cape Town

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  • Done using Corel Painter and Corel PSP

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  • Catholic churches and muslim mosques go hand in hand in Mostar

    Pinned: 7 Aug 2012
  • Ramadan Iftar at Madaba City

    Pinned: 4 Aug 2012