American Muslims: Faith & Citizenship – Dr. Tariq Ramadan PART I

A lecture at the ICNA Dallas fund raiser July 27 2011 Video Rating: 5 /... read more

Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt

A few nice ramadan images I found: Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt Image by Bakar_88 Life at night in Ramadan near El Korba Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt Image by Bakar_88 I’m still a beginner and I was interested to show the life in Cairo in Ramadan that almost differs that of the other normal days in Egypt. Location: Somewhere very near to Ismailia Square, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. About: Ramadan in... read more

The Cairo Guide to Cheap Sohours in Ramadan 2011

The Cairo Guide to Cheap Sohours in Ramadan 2011 WhileCairohas its share of fabulous Ramadan tents and extravagant sohours, many of us prefer having our sohours in the comfort of our homes or at a street kiosk with our friends. There’s a certain charm about standing at a foul cart at 2AM, digging into a fresh plates of foul, salad and eggs, and then ordering some more; just to make sure that you... read more

Riz Khan – Is Ramadan becoming a business?

Riz Khan On this episode of the Riz Khan show we discuss whether the spirit of Ramadan has been lost in excessive consumption and commercialism. Video Rating: 4 / 5   Riz... read more

Ramadan in Japan

by jeevs Ramadan in Japan, only eight rakat Tarawih is followed. Can any one pray individually the remaining 12 rakat at the mosque or home? A2.    Regarding the Salah, offered after the Isha Salah (i.e. Tarawih), in... read more

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak An invitation to expereince this ramadan with me. I loke this video for Ramadan Mubarak and hope you will enjoy it too. So ramadan Mubarak to you ! Ramadan Mubarak Quotes If you’d like to greet your loved ones during the Ramadan, send them Ramadan wishes or Ramadan mubarak quotes on mobile or through email. You may find such quotes online or in religious books. You may also try and... read more

Adam: Passable Ramadan Drama

Adam: Passable Ramadan Drama Despite having endured public humiliation in Tahrir Squareearlier this year during the January 25th revolution, pop star-turned-actor Tamer Hosni was reportedly undeterred in starring in Adam alongside Affaf Shoeib of all people. The Ramadan TV series is directed by Mohamed Samy and written by Ahmed Abu Zeid, and features a star-studded line-up that includes May Ezzeldin,... read more

Ramadan Comes Ramadan Goes But What We Prepared?

Ramadan Comes Ramadan Goes But What We Prepared? Another Ramadan is just to arrive in few weeks. Since Ramadhan is arriving and every body is writing and posting motivating things about fasting , so I also thought not to be left out, hence here are my own thoughts and observations…..Many people think that Ramadhan is the month of festival but it is not. It is a month of Ebadaah, worship. Most of us... read more

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  • Khiva: Islam Khoja Minaret and Madrassah.

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  • Ramadan is a festival for every body, as the Dutch poster says

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  • Ramadan Iftar at Madaba City. 2011

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  • The exhibition was produced by a UK based organization to promote muslim heritage. It was placed in a tent in front of Hagia Sophia, probably as part of Ramadan celebrations as well as at the occassion of Istanbul European City of Culture 2010 programme. It is well done, informative and worth visiting, although a tiny bit less overstatement would suit it more.

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  • Kramat (burial shrine) of Muslim missionary Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghaibie Shah, and is probably the oldest in Cape Town

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  • Done using Corel Painter and Corel PSP

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  • Catholic churches and muslim mosques go hand in hand in Mostar

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  • Ramadan Iftar at Madaba City

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